Why choose coprilab?

From your idea to a finished, market-ready product – everything under one roof. Competent and friendly consultancy is a given!

If you’ve already made your decision and want to conquer the market with your own private label cosmetic products, then contact us to make an appointment for a personal consultation as soon as possible. This is where we harmonise your wishes with the technical possibilities and implementation. Final decisions are only made by both parties after the personal consultation. Then, there’s nothing standing in the way of an effective, successful partnership.  


We offer:  


  • Consultancy 
  • Raw materials procurement 
  • Formulation development 
  • Text/packaging design 
  • Product testing (safety evaluations, bacterial contamination tests, stabilisation tests etc.) 
  • Manufacturing/production 
  • Analyses 
  • Filling/packaging 
  • Quality control and documentation (legal measures) 
  • Notification (CPNP) 



“coprilab brand systems” unique selling points: Short decision-making paths 

  • Individual processing of your requests (tailored to your needs)  
  • No 0815 goods or “off-the-peg” products (distributed to every customer) 
  • Quick processing of your requests 
  • Quick sample creation 
  • No ingredients with negative connotations 
  • No administrative work for you 
  • Fair prices for your private label product 
  • Small batches possible 


Your own cosmetics as a private label?