About coprilab

We can’t stop time, but with “coprilab brand systems” we don’t have to! 

As an international production and sales company, we have been developing high-quality cosmetics (anti-ageing care products) and skin care products to accompany therapies since the company was founded in 1997. 


“coprilab brand systems” put you on the path to success 

As a private label, we can also produce small batches for your own brand. This is particularly advantageous for young, up-and-coming companies. Start on the path to success with us. Let’s make the journey and enjoy every success together! Our Karbach site uses modern GMP-standard machines to produce facial and body care products of the highest quality. 

Clear and transparently structured processes 

Our GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) shows that we work according to strict quality management guidelines and thus ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. A GMP-standard quality management system ensures the quality of a product as well as the fulfilment of legal marketing requirements set out by health authorities. 

We at coprilab are certified according to ISO 22716:2007


This confirms to our customers the highest quality standard of cosmetic production according to all legal specifications. Excellent and smooth production processes are the basis for your success. 


A member of ICADA (International Cosmetic and Device Association)

This means that “coprilab brand systems” are always up-to-date when it comes to the composition, guidelines and formulation of your products. However, the main advantage is that your products come straight from us, the producer, so there are no expensive middle men!  

90% of private label companies do NOT have their own production facilities and are simply an intermediary/agent!